What this blog is all about.


… as it is written on the photo above, can sometimes be very tricky…

What do I write? What do I want to contribute? Who is this for? Is it right? Hopefully it isn’t wrong ?!
(The danger of all these questions is that you never BEGIN;)

Well. Therefore, let’s BEGIN with a simple question:
What is this Blog all about?

My intention is to share all my experiences and knowledge that I have gained so far in order to support people to live a JOY:CEFUL life and companies to create a CULTURE OF JOY:CE where joy is the rule and not the exception.

It is and will be about actively choosing joy especially in times when you feel stressed, tired and disconnected from yourself and the people around you.

It’s about being centred and thankful for what you (already) have and about finding your vision on what you want to leave in this world.

It is about having strong roots and wings to navigate through the ups and downs of life without being lost.

It’s about BEGINNING whatever you feel needs to be done.

And last but not least, it’s about LEARNING FROM YOU how you choose joy and what the JOY:CE Effect means to you.

Let’s BEGIN.
… and take the JOY:CE JOURNEY together!

PS. Upcoming, you will also find interviews with people about their stories and ideas about a JOY:CEFUL LIFE.

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