The Story behind The JOY:CE Effect


How it all began.

My own JOY:CE Journey began in 2013 in Brazil, where I spent some exciting, inspiring, lazy and crazy days in Brazil after resigning from my “old” HR job in Vienna and before starting my new job as HR Manager.

One day I was sitting in a bus in Salvador da Bahia. Heading to a friends house, I had the insight to bring all my knowledge and experience as HR professional together in a book. It should be about what it needs to create a work environment that brings joy to the people and enables them to take over self-responsibility to be the co-worker, leader and person they would like to be and work with. In order not to be only happier and healthier at work but also to be more successful. That was the day, when JOY:CE was “born”.

JOY:CE is the synthesis of JOY and CHOICE and means the ACTIVE CHOICE of JOY in every moment of our (work) lives. Initially, it was a reference to the often used “Employer of Choice” and wanted to emphasise the importance of JOY at work.

Where we are today.

Since then, some years have passed and JOY:CE has further evolved – as I (hopefully) did. My lazy, crazy days are somehow over and I went through some life-changing moments and times. I took over the role as HR Manager for almost 500 people and got to know how it is to be new in a position with high responsibility for other people, how to not drown in information and stay connected to myself and my colleagues. I suffered from a very painful slipped disc, I found the partner of my life, we moved three times and together we have two wonderful daughters, who live joy in (almost) every moment of their lives.

I know how it is to be far away from joy, being stuck in old patterns and believes, and also how it is to take the active decision for joy in every moment, take over self-responsibility and see the good things we are surrounded with. It’s worth it! Especially in times when I am stressed and overtired because of my baby girl didn’t want to sleep all night or my older one having one of her “terrible twos”. It’s a continuous process that might go on for a life-time.

Now it’s time to bring JOY:CE to the world and to the people! I am a passionate Coach and HR professional and my big vision is to support people in bringing JOY:CE into their lives, leaders to be joy:ceful leaders for themselves and the people they lead and entrepreneurs to create the frame for a culture to become not only an Employer of Choice but also an Employer of JOY:CE.

I am happy that we are here on this journey together!

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Make yourself and have a great JOY:CEFUL life!

Yours, Claudia

PD. The book is not published yet – but it will be 🙂 !

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